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We have developed the First Response Finance Dealer Portal so that our Dealer Partners can easily submit and track their customers' sub-prime finance applications. It's not just sub-prime customers that we underwrite either, we also finance many customers that fall into the near-prime category too.

If you're already setup to work with us, you can login by clicking the button below.

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Features of the Dealer Portal

  • Receive instant decisions and credit limits
  • Add and edit vehicle information
  • Stay updated in real-time
  • Access complete application details
  • Track the progress of applications
  • Provide quotes to customers
  • Use the DVLA share code function
  • Digitally e-sign documents
  • Upload documents
  • Free customer leads

Instant decisions and credit limits

instant approvals on the dealer portal

 We understand the importance of getting quick decisions when it comes to customers' sub-prime finance applications, especially if the customer is onsite. That's why we have designed the First Response Finance Dealer Portal to provide dealers with instant updates for their customers' applications.

The Dealer Portal gives our Dealer Partners quick access to information about their customers' application status. When an application for sub-prime finance is submitted on our Dealer Portal, there are typically three responses that are visible:

  • Approved: The customer is instantly approved, and the credit limit is visible.
  • Referred to Underwriting: The customer's application requires manual underwriting.
  • Auto Decline: The customer is declined due to issues on their application and/or credit file.

At First Response Finance, we go beyond sub-prime finance. We understand that some customers fall into a credit grey area due to missed payments or minor credit issues, making them ineligible for prime rates from certain lenders.

That's where we step in. We can provide financing options for customers in the near-prime category too, offering better rates and support. Through our Dealer Portal, many near-prime customers benefit from an automated approval process and are given an automatic credit limit.

Whether a customer is not approved due to their credit file, approved based on their good credit history, or requires manual underwriting, our Dealer Partners will be able to see the next steps for each application.

Add and edit vehicles

add and edit vehicles on the dealer portal

We believe that our Dealer Partners should be able to manage their customers' sub-prime finance applications with as much control as possible. That's why we have created a section where they can add and manage vehicles for all their customers' sub-prime finance applications. This feature gives allows users to:

  • Add a Vehicle: Simply enter the vehicle registration and mileage, and click "Find"
  • Change the Vehicle: Just click "Change" and search for a new vehicle
  • Manage Vehicle Price: Easily edit the vehicle price
  • Decide on the Next Steps: To offer flexibility, dealers can either quote the customer or postpone the decision.
Top Tip: Our Dealer Portal allows our Dealer Partners to value their vehicles, so they can see what we can lend against the vehicle on the customers' finance application.

Access full application details, live updates and quote

To provide motor dealers with the tools to serve their customers 24/7, the First Response Finance Dealer Portal gives dealers the option to quote the customers themselves. All that is needed are the correct vehicle details, and dealers will enter the quote screen. The Dealer Portal will update whether the chosen quote can be approved or requires a review from a member of our Underwriting team. If approval is needed, it will be processed during our normal business hours.

DVLA share code

The First Response Finance Dealer Portal also offers a easy way to verify customers driving licences, by sending customers a text to their mobile phone containing a direct link to the DVLA. This link will guide customers to the DVLA website, where they can enter their driving license number and national insurance number. Upon completion, customers will receive a code that can be shared with us via the Dealer Portal, making the process much quicker and simpler.

Digitally e-sign documents

esign on the dealer portal

The First Response Finance Dealer Portal also has an e-sign function, which allows customers to sign documents online when they are onsite at the dealership. When customers are ready to sign their agreement, dealers can guide them through the easy step-by-step process. The Dealer Portal will take them through several steps to ensure it is the customer signing, and provide more detailed information about their agreement. Our Dealer Partners can also sign their part of the financial agreement online too, saving the hassle of scanning, attaching and emailing documents to us.

Top Tip: Our Dealer Partners now have the ability to sign their legal documents online as well. This means we can also pay out deals at any time, even outside of our office opening hours when no other documents are required.

Upload documents

We have also made changes to our Dealer Portal document uploader too, so it's possible to see what documents are still needed for pay-out:

  • What is still required
  • What is being processed, either by us or awaiting information from the customer
  • What has been approved
  • What has been uploaded – as documents can be uploaded before we request them

All of these functions provide our Dealer Partners with the tools to process their finance applications quickly and easily. With the majority preferring to use this method, we believe there has never been a better time to log on to the First Response Dealer Portal to manage a dealerships customers' sub-prime applications.

Free customer leads

free customer leads

Another feature of the Dealer Portal is that we can offer free customer leads to all of our Dealer Partners, at no cost at all! These customers have informed us that they need need help finding the right vehicle, which is why we are able to display the customers contact information and credit limit via the Dealer Portal. Not only do we want to assist our customers in finding the car that's right for them, we want to help our dealers sell more cars.

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Partner with us

Partner with us

If you want to work with one of the best sub-prime finance companies in the UK, First Response Finance is here for you. Our flexible criteria, award-winning service, and consistent recognition from the industry, we are the go-to sub-prime finance company in the motor trade that you can trust.

Partner with us and experience the difference of working with the best subprime finance lenders, dedicated to helping you and your dealership get more deals over the line. If you don’t currently work with First Response Finance and would like to discuss how we can help you and your sub-prime customers, click the button below fill out the form, and Brad from our team will be in touch to discuss how we can help you sell more cars on finance.

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If you would prefer speaking to us directly, give us a call on 01156711755, and ask for Brad.