Audit your dealerships energy usage

Economic uncertainty

With so much uncertainty in the world, the one thing that is clear is that we are paying more for our energy usage and will be paying even more so in the not too distance future. Historically, when running costs increase, these are usually passed on to customers in the form of higher prices on the forecourt. However, this solution may not be ideal in an economy where customers’ finances are already stretched and could result in lost sales. Your dealership could benefit from conducting its own business energy audit to understand how much energy it is using, how much it is costing, and where potential savings can be made.

Check your contracts

Many businesses use procurement companies to get lower energy rates fixed over a longer period than is available to consumers. However, these deals are now more difficult to find for those whose fixed contracts have already expired. However, some deals are still available, so if you are out of contract or have one that is about to expire, it may be worth reviewing and contacting these companies.

Smart meters and efficient appliances

Installing smart meters in and around the business will also give you a good idea of what your energy usage is. They automatically update your meter readings and may help with the business' monthly budgeting. Consider replacing old and inefficient appliances, such as kettles, toasters, and microwaves with newer and more efficient models. It might even be worth looking into replacing your business' lighting with energy-saving or LED options, which can use up to 75% less energy. Laptops are preferable to large PCs in the office as they draw less energy. Staff can also work from home with laptops, which also reduces your dealership's energy consumption.

Turn the lights off!

As a deterrent to theft, many dealerships leave their lights on overnight. It may be worth installing security lights and turning off the main lights at the end of the day. Also consider installing sensor lights in areas of the dealership that are often used, but not occupied throughout the day.

There is a considerable amount of energy that is consumed by air conditioners. Therefore, it is important that they are not blocked and that they are serviced regularly, so they operate as efficiently as possible. If you have been with the same broadband provider for several years, it may be worth reviewing your existing contract, to see if there is a better deal available. You may also be able to reduce your overall energy consumption by taking advantage of available government grants, so make sure to check what you may be eligible for.

Audit your business

Reviewing how much energy you use, and negotiating other contracts will not only help you save money, reduce your energy consumption, and be more environmentally friendly, but will also ensure that your dealership is ready for the next few years of uncertainty in the energy market.

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