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Snodhurst Car Sales

Welcome to the first edition of our ’Dealer spotlight’ blog series, where we put our trusted dealer partners in the spotlight, sharing their beginnings, family ties, and genuine passion for the motor trade. In this edition, we focus on Jon Primett, the Director of Snodhurst Car Sales, a family-owned business deeply rooted in the world of motor trade. 

A family tradition

Jon Primett

Note: The following are Jon's own words, describing his family's journey in the motor trade:

"The motor trade is in our family's blood, with our roots tracing back to the 1950s when my Grandad, Ted, was the trusted local Mechanic known as "The Car Doctor" - I even keep his original workshop stamp in my office, which sparks great conversations with customers.

My Dad followed in my Grandad's footsteps, working as a Mechanic, and sharing a passion for motorsports, especially engine building. As kids, we grew up around cars, developing a keen interest in them and motorsports, whether that be watching races on TV or Dad racing himself. This tradition continues in both our racing team and customer vehicles.

The genesis

Jamie and his dad

Dad, highly skilled in both mechanical and electrical engineering, contributed to aerospace, major industry, and F1 team projects before reaching Senior Management status at a prominent US corporation in the engineering sector. Meanwhile, my Brother, Jamie, excelled as a Mechanic, while I pursued a full-time career in sales and marketing, alongside buying and selling cars from home.

In 2003, our paths merged when my Dad’s employer decided to cease UK operations. My Dad saw this as an opportunity to start a family business, and together, we embarked on this venture. When the original site, where we still operate from today, became available, we seized the opportunity to buy it, and establish Snodhurst Car Sales. We also maintained the operation of the adjacent Snodhurst Service Station, a business that the family had also taken charge of.

Today's success

Snodhurst Car Sales Pitch

Today, Snodhurst Car Sales and Snodhurst Service Station are well-known names in both the local and broader areas. Jamie and I, as partners, lead the business, dedicated to its growth and further building upon our achievements. As for Dad, he remains an invaluable presence, always ready to offer advice (because learning never stops) and with his wealth of experience, who could be a better mentor for us?

One thing that I really like about our business is that when a customer deals with us, it's not just a faceless transaction with a Salesperson there to earn a wage, each customer of Snodhurst Car Sales deals personally with a member of our family who are invested in helping them.

"Whilst things move on in terms of cars themselves and the technology involved in them, one thing that can’t be changed is good, 'old school' values and customer service. Every customer puts food on our families' tables. That’s the nature of a small family business, and when it comes to our customers, we appreciate each and every one very much indeed."

Our market position

Car on pitch of Snodhurst Car Sales

Our years of experience have guided us to a successful market where we sell cars priced between £4,000 and £12,000, with an unwavering focus on quality. Recommendations and loyal customers are our primary sources of success, so we continue to thrive in this market. We’re fortunate to have wonderful customers, whether they are locals familiar with our business or individuals travelling long distances to collect a car they purchased over the phone. Meeting people, listening to their stories, and understanding why they choose us is truly rewarding.

Building our reputation

Though we focus on the lower price range of the broader market, we prioritise thorough preparation. Each of our cars is meticulously presented, both inside and out. Furthermore, every vehicle undergoes a comprehensive service and inspection, and we provide a new MOT, regardless of its due date.

We have built up a reputation to the point where customers who we’ve never seen before will come in and ask to speak to me personally, despite having never met me. The growth of our brand and our reputation has been a key factor in our success. The motor trade has always been my passion, as it is for my Brother. After 27 years of buying and selling cars, I still relish sourcing, preparing, and selling them. If I ever lose that passion, I'll know it's time to step back.

Challenges of the trade

Jon at Snodhurst Car Sales

The motor trade has its drawbacks, no doubt. It demands long hours, whether that’s spent doing admin at the office, moving cars, or browsing and buying online. The workday isn’t your typical nine to five, and weekends are the busiest for sales, making time off rare. My friends were surprised a few weeks ago when sitting on Son Matias beach in Mallorca, I was online buying cars. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Working with First Response Finance

Working with First Response Finance

First Response Finance is the perfect partnership for Jamie and I, especially because of how they treat customers and their whole structure around not adding on fees . This really aligns with my own personal ethos of doing things with old school values, so partnering with a company that we know is customer-focused makes it easy to do business.

For years now, First Response Finance has been our number one partner for customers who may fall short of prime criteria when looking to finance a car. Their online portal is well designed and easy to use, and the whole process of doing business is just simple and easy. One thing that makes First Response Finance stand out from the rest is their intelligence and common-sense approach to lending.

“It's not a simple "computer says yes or no" approach, and when a car has been slightly over the age or mileage criteria, First Response Finance has been flexible enough to get those deals over the line.”

That manual, personal touch to underwriting has been incredibly valuable to us and our customers, and the motivation to get good deals financed and over the line is a key factor in our relationship with First Response Finance. I would advise any car finance led dealer to get on board; you couldn’t wish to deal with a better company." - John Primett, Director, Snodhurst Motor Company

We would like to thank John and his family from Snodhurst Car Sales for allowing us to be part of their journey, and for talking about the values that make our partnership exceptional. If you would like to feature in our ‘Dealer spotlight’ series, please get in touch via email

Partner with us

Partner with us

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